About us

Electronic Zeng is a German electrical components sales and development company, specializing in power line filters (EMI/EMC filters), shielding room filters, capacitors and reactors. Our company is located in the beautiful Hanseatic harbor city of Hamburg.

Our products cover a variety of single-phase, three-phase AC/DC power line filters from 0.5A to 2000A and filters for shielding facilities. The products are widely used in instruments and gauges, medical devices, electrical appliances, communications power supplies, frequency conversion devices, elevator equipment and railway equipment.

Our manufacturers in China have more than 60 years of professional development and manufacturing experience in these fields. The Outstanding engineering teams ensure high development standards and excellent quality of our products.These are subject to the strictest quality control with advanced testing equipments. The companies are certified to ISO 9001:2015. The Most products are also VDE, UL, CSA certified and  RoHS compliant.

One of our core competences: We develop customized products according to your individual wishes. Our high-performance development teams have abilities to implement all your requirements at short time and free of charge in new products, that are satisfactory for you.

We are always customer-oriented.

What can you expect from us? - Reliability, quality products, fair prices, punctual delivery and good service.

That is why we have gained the great trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Electronic Zeng: Grant yourself always the best choice!